There isn't presently in the market a long endurance (i.e.: permanent) and relatively stationary high altitude platform to carry payloads for Earth observation or telecommunications. At lower cost than a satellite and by being easily deployable, Omnidea's high altitude platform solution can be used for:

  • Terrain observation (fire-fighting prevention and detection)
  • Terrain mapping
  • Mobile network repeater/signal extender 

The current design features:Omnidea‘s Long Endurance Medium Altitude Platform (LEMAP) is a lighter than air platform that is designed to operate as an observation or a surveillance platform that can also serve as a high coverage signal receiver for satelite telecommunications. The concept by which Omnidea achieves this objective is by tethering an inflatable and easily deployable platform and exploiting the Magnus effect to generated lift, thus allowing the platform to operate at higher altitudes when compared to other lighter than air devices such as blimps. Since it is a tethered platform its subsystems can be permanently fed from the ground minimizing the need to land.

  • a stabilized gimbal with day and night camera plus a thermal IR, allowing the monitorization of operations suchs as fire-fighting.
  • a mini SAR antenna that enables terrain scanning.